Snailtime is an arcade style game featuring Blue the Snail. The goal is to complete each level before the clock runs out.

50 levels including races to the finish and item collection. All levels require Blue's task to be complete before time runs out. Navigate levels by swiping the screen. On iPad additional controls are available to move Blue using a directional buttons.

To start you are given 5 lives to complete Blue's tasks. If you fail to complete a level (before the time is up) a life is lost. Lives are restored either by purchasing a 5 Life Pack from the Apple Store or by waiting 30 minutes. A life is restored every 30 minutes until the count is back to 5.

Advanced levels include bird villains and Harry the Evil Snail that reduce the time on the clock when touched. Contact with birds will reduce the amount of time on the clock. Time varies based upon the color of the bird (5 seconds - yellow, 10 seconds - Gray, 20 seconds - Blue). Coming into contact with Harry the Evil Snail will immediately end the game. Avoid touching Harry at all costs!

Use boosters to protect Blue or to increase the time on the clock. Boosters include Shields, Bombs, and Time Boosters. Shields prevent any of your enemies from harming you for up to 10 seconds. Bombs will destroy all birds on the screen. Time Boosters are valuable since they allow more time to finish your task.



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